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  • Чай, створений експертами

    Чай, запакований свіжим

    100% Цейлонський чай


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    Values are not words alone

    The philosophy of making our business a matter of human service is fulfilled by the work of the MJF Foundation and Dilmah Conservation.

    Fairest trade of all

    Dilmah is ethically produced tea, packed at source and delivered garden fresh to supermarket shelves around the world.

    Dilmah is the first TRULY ethical tea

    Dilmah sales fund the work of the MJF Foundation which touches the lives of 10,000 people each year. Dilmah also funds the work of the Dilmah Conservation in protecting the environment.

    Action & not words

    Dilmah is guided by the philosophy of business as a matter of human service.

    Malik – Dilmah Radio – Our Passion

    Founder, Merrill J. Fernandos son, Malik, explains the family passion for tea shared through Dilmah.